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How It Works

Hypnosis Sessions

  • Join the weekly sessions every Wednesday.
  • Or join us when you need extra support.
  • Or watch them later. (Just as powerful

Use The Resources

  • Each session I upload the hypnosis audio. People love getting this.
  • They can relax more deeply and not analyze their experience because they can listen as often as they like.

How To Access

  • You receive access to a password protected area of the site just for member of Relaxation Wednedays.
  • When in the member area, you can search by date and topic to find exactly what you want.

What time are the online sessions?

Click this link to see when Relaxation Wednesdays happens where you live.

People get the same breakthroughs even if you can’t attend live.

What Topics Does Relaxation Wednesdays Cover?

Past Sessions Include:

You can watch the replay of any of these sessions.

Deep Relaxation and Healing

Harnessing Confidence

Hypnosis for Physical Healing

Calming Anxiety

Calming The Inner Critic

Healing Relationships

Release Fears & Phobias

Weight Management

Hypnosis for Sleep

Your Internal Advisor

Future Sessions Include:

Here are the sessions I have planned for the future. Many of these sessions have been suggested by the collective.

Willingness to Change Habits

The Godiva Chocolate Method to Change Habits

Sports Performance & Mindset

Hypnotic Goal Setting for Success

Move Forward from Procrastination

Hypnosis to Overcome Social Anxiety

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Hypnosis for Peace During a Financial Crisis

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